Irrespective of size, industry, and objectives, businesses are moving to SAP S/4 HANA. It is the latest ERP system based on SAP Hana database technology. Curated to help businesses adapt to the digital world and flexible their complex workflows. It offers sustainability, innovation, better user experience, better performance, simplified processes, real-time analytics.

Why Novel Veritas ?

We identify how fast businesses can undergo a digital transformation so they can remain relevant and competitive.

By combining SAP best practices with advanced tools, practices, and accelerators, we simplify HANA implementations across multiple deployment options and help you transform your business core to power an intelligent enterprise.

Using the SAP Activate methodology, we align your processes with SAP standard products and best industry practices.

Adhere to standard functionality, update/upgrade control, and – extensibility

We focus on organizational change management, better user experience, improve timeliness, and speed up adoption.


What are the Key Features of SAP S/4 HANA?

Data Modeling

It Facilitates a Simple Organization of Data to connect it with various business processes.

Improved Quality Management

With the use of SAP S/4 HANA, users can work more efficiently helps to perform quality management activities.

Accurate Analytics & Report

It gives real-time insights that help create faster analytics and reporting with more accuracy and lesser usage of resources.

How this is beneficial for my business?

● It generates more revenue.

● Simplifies Business Operations resulting in precise and hassle-free results.

● Give exposure to new technologies.

● It is highly personalized, responsive, and easy to use.