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Maximizing SAP Potential

Fusing Intelligence, Innovation & Industry Expertise

Novel Veritas, a SAP consulting company, provides strategic advice for increasing your business and maximizing profitability. The breadth and depth of Novel Veritas’ entire portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems, and software set it apart from other companies in the industry. Novel Veritas provides a single point of contact for a multitude of solutions that, thanks to partnerships with leading companies in the field, assist in maximizing value for customers, the business, and all supply chain partners. According to appearances, Novel Veritas is an organisation built on SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) technology. A firm may manage different facets of its operations with the use of the SAP software package, including finance, sales, logistics, and more. SAP’s capabilities are probably used by Novel Veritas to offer solutions and services to organizations. We are proud to be Rajasthan’s leading SAP implementation company and a recognized SAP Gold Partner. Novel Veritas has carved a niche in the SAP consulting domain, boasting the unique accolade of being the first in India to implement a cloud-based SAP S/4HANA project. Our rapid and efficient implementation approach testifies to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of SAP solutions.

Our Evolutionary Journey

  • Established in 2008 as an SAP Software company in India, serving prominent businesses with effective solutions.
  • Evolution led us to broaden our services, focusing on automating clients’ processes via SAP.
  • Recognized businesses’ challenges with intricate cross-departmental processes, prompting a strategic shift. Transitioned focus to comprehend end-to-end strategy, spanning customer interactions, ERP, and Analytics.
  • Currently, we cater to 100+ clients across diverse sectors like FMCG, Auto, Real Estate, etc.
  • Boasting a team of 300+ adept SAP consultants in Mumbai and Rajasthan.
  • Committed to customer-centric services, simplifying tasks and amplifying productivity.
  • Ultimate aim: Streamline business operations for enhanced efficiency and goal attainment.
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SAP Novel Mission


At Novel Veritas, our mission is to empower businesses by transforming their processes through top-tier SAP solutions. We believe in delivering tailored, efficient, and innovative SAP consultancy that aligns perfectly with our client's objectives, ensuring they unlock the full potential of their business operations.

SAP Novel Vision


We envision a future where businesses, regardless of their size, can seamlessly integrate and benefit from SAP's vast capabilities. As we continuously raise the bar in SAP consultancy and implementation, our vision is to be the gold standard for SAP solutions not just in Rajasthan, but across India.

How we got here

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Novel Veritas: Pioneering SAP Solutions Since 2008

Established in 2008, Novel Veritas has steadfastly positioned itself as an expert provider of SAP solutions to premier business establishments across India. Our journey has been marked by a constant evolution in technological prowess, refined processes, and an expanding team of experts. Recognizing the challenges businesses faced in streamlining complex processes across various departments, our vision shifted towards offering end-to-end strategic insights, spanning from user-facing channels to advanced ERP and analytics. This commitment to holistic understanding ensures that our solutions are not just technologically sound but also aligned with specific business functionalities. Today, Novel Veritas boasts:
  • A robust clientele of over 100 businesses across diverse verticals.
  • A team of more than 300 experienced SAP consultants.
  • Strategic presence in Mumbai and Rajasthan, allowing us to maintain close ties with our partners.
Our expertise extends across sectors, including FMCG, Automotive, Garments, Waste Management, Real Estate, Dairy, Cinema, Government, and more. As a comprehensive software solution provider, our tailored services are geared towards understanding and addressing the unique needs of each industry. Our overarching mission? To simplify and optimize business operations, enabling enterprises to realize their objectives with increased efficiency and reduced manual intervention.

Memory Lane to Achievements

  • ◉ India’s First Japanese Auto Company Ts Tech Neemrana Public SAP S4HANA cloud implementation under process
    ◉ India’s First Composite Mill SAP S4HANA public cloud implementation @ Swaraj Ltd in 3 months.
    ◉ Fastest Rise with SAP S4HANA public cloud implementation @ Rajasthan Barytes Ltd in 3 months.
    ◉ India’s First Rise with SAP S4HANA public cloud implementation @ Sagar Group Bhopal MP.
    ◉ Fastest S4Hana implementation 2021 in 4 Months @ Kanchan India having 3000 Cr Plus turnover – 3 Legal Entities,13
    Plants, 4 Locations, 2 States.
    ◉ In the process of completing 2 more Mining and manufacturing industry Implementations in 3-4 months duration.
    ◉ More than 12 Implementation in the last 1 Year.
    ◉ 100% customer retention post-implementation in the last couple of years.
    ◉ More than 200 Automation projects in the area of Barcode, QR code, and weighbridge.
    ◉ More than 30 integration projects for B2B, B2C and Bank’s with SAP.