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Succeeding Together


  • Novel Veritas is an SAP company with extensive experience in handling complex integration projects for large enterprises that have implemented ERP, SRM, and CRM systems or are in the process of doing so.
  • With over 10+ years of cumulative experience in ERP/ Custom Projects, our consultants understand the sensitivity and complexity of processes & data; thus implementing a mature Enterprise Service Bus.
  • Our expertise and understanding of SAP allow us to integrate multiple applications with SAP.
  • Using consultative and discovery-based methods, combined with our hybrid (onshore/offshore) delivery model, will enable us to execute large enterprise projects worldwide. In addition, we help customers in defining ESB & SOA Roadmap and Architecture. We also conduct ESB & SOA Audit on the existing platform to analyze future preparedness.

Industries Expertise


We are a leading provider of SAP enterprise solutions to Engineering, Construction and Operations, FMCG, Marble & Engineered Stone, Cinema, Textile, Cement, Auto, Garment, Waste Management, Industrial Machinery & Component Real Estate, Dairy, Printing & Stationary, Government.

What makes us different!


Improve customer experiences and generate greater results by turning your company insights into actionable intelligence.

Cloud Service

SAP Cloud is for developing new applications and enhancing existing ones in a secure cloud computing environment.


We help businesses and government agencies enhance their consumer touchpoints and staff engagements.



We deliver custom mobile apps and portals to create the perfect flexible solution for todays business requirements as well as your future needs.

Technological Expertise’s

Using solutions such as-SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ECC, SAP C4C, SAP SRM, SAP Analytics, SAP FIORI, JAVA/J2EE, C/ C++/ .Net, along with digital transformation to maximize the full potential of technology.

SAP S4Hana
Cloud for Customer

They Trust Us

We are grateful to our clients for the love they spread about us and our business

Novel veritas


Specialist Domain Expertise

We are a major SAP enterprise solution provider to government, utility, textile, education, and public sector organizations, we understand your industry and issues.


Technology Specialist

To realize the full potential of technology, we provide smart enterprise solutions based on SAP as the main platform, as well as digital transformation solutions.


Novel Expertise

We treat every client relationship as if it were a true partnership, complete with mutual understanding, openness, and accountability.