SAP Customer Experience (CX) and CRM Solution

Novel Veritas’s CX Framework revolutionizes businesses, amplifies customer engagement, and ensures their loyalty and retention

What is SAP Customer Experience?

SAP Customer Experience, as offered by Novel, is a comprehensive framework designed to enhance customer interactions, communication, and engagement. It empowers businesses to effectively connect with their target audiences across diverse markets.

Novel’s Customer Experience (CX) portfolio encompasses all stages of the customer journey, from their initial contact with a company to the point of purchase. SAP achieves this by integrating a range of solutions, including marketing, sales, and CRM, to ensure a seamless and unified experience for customers.

Creating and delivering an exceptional digital customer experience can be a complex endeavor, involving both organizational change management and technology landscape planning. It necessitates alignment across all business functions, from Marketing and Service to Delivery. At Novel, we assist our clients in crafting a seamless customer journey founded on empathy and trust, utilizing our suite of cutting-edge customer experience solutions.

Why Choose Novel’s Suite of SAP Customer Experience Solutions

Revitalize Your Approach to Customer Engagement

Enhance the customer journey by pinpointing and addressing operational challenges, refining processes, and discovering groundbreaking solutions.

Gain Empowerment Through Industry Expertise and Leading Practices

Engage in customized workshops and streamlined services encompassing integration, data transition, architectural solutions, and focused methodologies.

Expert Direction – From Beginning to End

Gain unwavering support from skilled experts during your entire project, ensuring rapid imparting of knowledge and expertise to your team.

Prioritize Quality When Selecting Services

Assess and confirm essential project facets. Analyze and verify pivotal project zones to deploy optimal solutions while eliminating intricacies.

Novel’s SAP C/4HANA: A Suite of Five Leading Cloud Solution Portfolios

In the past, using standalone marketing, sales, and e-commerce solutions was effective. However, the dynamics of customer interactions have evolved, often involving multiple departments for a single customer inquiry. SAP recognized this shift and introduced C/4HANA, a suite of five distinct solutions meticulously interconnected to enhance efficiency.

Now, let’s delve into each of the five cloud solution portfolios individually.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Marketing remains a pivotal aspect of your business, adapting and innovating constantly.

  • Tailoring customer interactions throughout your enterprise.
  • Fostering customer trust to cultivate lasting connections.
  • Refining marketing strategies to boost income.
  • Propelling demand and expansion for B2B marketing endeavors.
SAP Commerce Cloud

Contemporary consumers seek an enhanced and tailored omnichannel shopping experience for online purchases.

  • It caters to all preferred market strategies.
  • Utilize domain-specific functionalities.
  • Achieve quicker ROI through ready-made integrations.
  • Surpass client anticipations with inherent adaptability.
SAP Sales Cloud

At present, customers are more concerned with the experience your brand offers.

  • Avoid wasting time in guesswork and accelerate sales.
  • Guide sales reps through contracts and quotes fast.
  • Model and manage sales incentives and territories.
  • Design modern sales experiences and strategies.
SAP Service Cloud

You can achieve success only when you place service at
the heart of your customer experience.

  • Create an omnichannel service experience.
  • Develop and nurture an elite team of skilled experts.
  • Craft and deliver the next generation of self-service.
  • Capture and understand customer feedback in detail.
SAP Customer Data Cloud

Transform fleeting visitors into loyal patrons with this solution.

  • Ensure smooth customer onboarding and engagement.
  • Guarantee the data privacy and trust your customers value.
  • Break down data barriers for improved, targeted marketing.
  • Gift customers with clear transparency and control, all while ensuring GDPR adherence.

How SAP CX and SAP C/4HANA Will Revolutionize the Future of CRM?

  • Traditional CRMs typically function with isolated modules for sales, customer service, and marketing.
  • Novel’s C/4HANA Customer Experience suite by SAP offers an integrated approach, ensuring synchronized updates across departments.
  • The system allows immediate product availability checks and swift customer offer customizations, sourcing data from ERP or SAP S/4HANA.
  • Sales teams are equipped with a 360-degree customer perspective.
  • SAP Digital Boardroom provides real-time trend forecasts to aid sales strategy.