enhance customer experience with SAP CAR solutions


Integrated SAP on Customer Activity Repository (CAR) System

Manage multichannel orders, plan applications, and track customer activity in real-time with SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR). This solution helps businesses enhance customer experience, accelerate decision making, improve demand planning, and maximize promotion effectiveness. It is a powerful data platform that prepares cross-channel data by collating, cleansing, and centralizing your customer and point-of-sale (POS) data in real-time for analysis and prepares it for consumption by other applications.


Why NovelVeritas SAP CAR?

Novel Veritas is SAP Implementation and Services Partner ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001 Certified with 300+ SAP consultant Team. 

Excellent knowledge in implementing SAP CAR for SAP and non-SAP scenarios.

Experienced and skilled professionals.

Access to our unique tools and methodology – ‘RunningStart’ for SAP CAR

Focus on fulfilling your requirement by combining deep product architecture and business processes.


Novelveritas, as a tightly integrated partner with SAP on the CAR solution from its inception, brings unparalleled expertise in maximizing the business benefits that you can achieve through CAR. By combining deep knowledge of product architecture and business processes, our consultants are able to adapt SAP CAR to meet your unique needs.

What are the key benefits?

It helps increase revenue by gaining actionable business insights such as inventory insights, customer history, etc.

You can provide customers with a better experience by having complete information on inventory, price, and personalized offers accordingly.


 It helps reduce wastage by calculating inventory requirements through consistent planning and a sounder understanding of customer insights.

What are the key features?

Multi-channel sale storage

Gather data from all sales channels using multiple storage applications in different formats and manage sales transactions from point-of-sale systems.

Inventory & Resource Planning

Reducing wastage and optimizing ordering by analyzing inventory and calculating spoilage. Forecast and replenish intraday to respond to changes in demand. Obtain insights on your order plans and key performance indicators by simulating and reviewing your order plans.

Allocation management

Set target settings, actual and planned product availability, and KPIs to trigger initial product allocations for seasonal products. Fully automated the in-season replenishment process. Also, Calculate the promotional merchandise allocation based on the promotional forecast, the store inventory, and the capacity.