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In today's rapidly evolving landscape, we invite you to meet a game-changer - The New Digital Consumer. This empowered individual is at the forefront of reshaping the future of retail. With access to an unprecedented array of channels, they are firmly in the driver's seat, demanding a personalized shopping experience, anytime, anywhere.
For retailers, recognizing and catering to the unique needs of this dynamic consumer is the key to maximizing profits, outperforming competitors, and achieving lasting success. The question is, does your business have what it takes to adapt and transform from traditional retail to a new era of "me-tail"? Novel Veritas is here to guide you on this transformative journey. Our expertise and innovative solutions can empower your business to reinvent and evolve, ensuring that you not only keep up with but thrive in this ever-changing digital retail landscape.

The retail landscape has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Declining average incomes have reshaped consumer purchasing patterns, sparking a fundamental shift in buying behavior. This shift, in turn, has triggered a series of changes in the industry.

Luxury brands have introduced their standalone stores, private label products are gaining popularity, and distribution channels have multiplied. Identifying and targeting specific customer segments has become more challenging, and the ever-increasing number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in stores has become unmanageable without the assistance of technology.

In response to these challenges, retailers must address a range of critical issues to foster growth. This includes leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency, adapting to regional preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction, and providing real-time insights into in-store merchandising trends to make more informed business decisions.

Novel’s retail experience with a global customer base spanning various regions provides us with exceptional insights and a strong track record in customer-centric initiatives and project execution. Our primary focus is on seamlessly integrating legacy investments with cutting-edge systems used for managing operations, CRM, loss prevention, ERP, data warehousing, predictive data analytics, and price optimization.

Novel’s expertise extends across diverse retail sectors, including grocery, fashion, and health and wellness. As a Tier 1 Partner with SAP Retail, we are recognized as one of the most successful integrators of SAP Retail solutions. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our collaboration with domain specialists via our Centers of Excellence, ensuring that our customers achieve higher levels of profitability from their technology investments.

We specialize in the following retail segments:

1. Fashion & Apparel
2. Grocery
3. Specialty Retail
4. Healthcare & Wellness
5. Department Stores

Ι   A Better Retail Experience

Chains are dedicated to energizing the shopper experience, so we’ve created in-store CRM capabilities delivered via sales associates or self-service kiosks. Working with us to optimize their supply chains by applying principles of product lifecycle management, retailers are reducing by 25% the time required to bring products to the shelf.

Ι   Additional Retail Services

  • Consulting
  • Package implementation solutions
  • Managed testing
  • Application development
  • Application maintenance

By solving problems in all functional areas of retail—from store operations to back-office portals—we are helping department store managers reshape their organizations for new success and profits.