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Fibre2Fashion: Textile & Apparel Business Solution

The textile industry is a complex mix of businesses that often defy strict categorization. Complicating matters is that two or more processes can often be found in the same facility. In-process materials may be sub-contracted by and to the company. The output of each stage could be sold. This not only complicates the production activities but also the management of inventory and customer orders. The fashion and textile industry has gone through a major transformation in past few years and to thrive and grow in the market adopting E-commerce is one of them. Likewise, ways of simplifying the Fashion Business are also emerging. Novel Fibre 2 Fashion is that vertical which covers every aspect from the raw material till it reaches a retail store. It is a fast and hassle-free SAP Implementation because of 80-90 % pre-configured client with virtually all textile specific business processes built-in based on best business practices for the industry Ready transactions, reports and master data templates Ready user manual and training plan Experienced Manpower to deploy, customize the balance 10-20% of the specific requirements and Go Live with minimal client resources.

What are the Features of Novel Fibre 2 Fashion?

Some of the key features are as follows 

Work Order Instructions

For each stage of the manufacturing process, a production order is created and the order has to be confirmed as soon unit is processed for that stage. In fact, packing is also treated as an operation and a production order is created on SAP for the same.


It takes things into consideration from sales forecasting, billing, routing, and seasonal forecasting to bundle tracking with the aim to deliver the best at the right time.

Quality Management

It maintains quality material checks from Inbound(Raw Material, Subcontracted Material, Material sent for repairs etc.) to Outbound Material Check for Quality (Finished Products)


It will cover all the aspects from maintenance planning to refurbishment of spares.

Bar Code Application

Bar Code interface can be done at the following places in N-Fashion:

1. Raw Material Management
2. Bundle Tracking
3. WIP Recording & Management
4. Finished Goods Management
5. Payroll Processing

What can you do with Novel Fibre 2 Fashion?

You can record inquiries/orders in SAP with all the details given by the Customer.

Issue a sample to the customer using the Sample Management Component of N-Fashion-SAP along with recording All further activities and observations here until the sample is finalized by the customer.

It will provide you a proper track of sub contracted material. As it records from the material sent at any stage of production to a vendor till a purchase order is raised where the material to be received is entered along with the supplied material.

The quality standards are also maintained in the system in the form of specifications. So, you can keep a check on quality control.

What are the Benefits of Novel Fibre 2 Fashion?


Integration with the latest technology.


You get customized solution per your need.


Easy to manage all the textile processes and operations.


It will help reduce errors, thefts through accurate and error-free data.