enhancing the productivity with Machine Connect


Machine Connect - A Smart Solution to make Weighing Easier

In this era where things are super dynamic, efficiency and productivity are vital for business growth. When businesses join hands with Technology, they are eventually taking steps towards enhancing the productivity and efficiency of their organization to achieve their respective goals. The development of weighting technologies is also contributing to the efficiency of businesses.

Weighbridge software helps in weighing vehicles that are loaded with goods or unloaded. It is the most reliable choice for achieving exact results without manipulation or errors, irrespective of quantity. It is also used to manage incoming and outgoing vehicles. Today’s weighbridges are so advanced that they provide data regarding stock levels.

What can you do with Machine Connect?

The introduced weighbridge automation solution is designed to capture the weight of every inbound and outbound truck up to 5 materials.

Different options [create, change, display, print and cancel] are provided to execute the desired operation efficiently.

Weighbridge software is a system that receives, collects, and processes large amounts of data using a computing device. This Weighbridge software solution is designed to help you manage and track the critical information created when weighing and labeling products quickly and flexibly.

You Will Get Solutions For

By leveraging your existing SAP Investments such as SAP NetWeaver, DMS, Workflow, Alert, Portal, and Configurations.​

Will cover end-to-end Inward or Outward Process through Direct RS232 Interface to Weighbridge and RFID Workflow Process.

Solution for manual errors, for instance, features like Optional Camera Integration, Audit log, etc,

As the system automates the Weighbridge Application, it provides several benefits, including improved transaction management, improved Data Accuracy, Audit Reports, and cost savings in end-user training

What are the Benefits of Machine Connect (WeighBridge Software)?

With this software, every field on the entry screen can be customized according to users’ preferences.

All the parameters can be analyzed to give users an in-depth look at their business.

Accurate and error-free data generated through software can help detect theft in large consignments.

Automated weighbridge software has an option of camera that helps organizations monitor the movement.

This weighbridge solution eliminates manual entry errors and saves and records accurate time data inputs, reducing the possibility of incorrect data entry into SAP.