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The Automation is the key process that reduces the human effort and it is a processes to enhance team efficiency and output levels.



A workflow with Hoicko, consists of an arrange and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resource into processes.


Team Management

Hoicko comfort your team’s task to move it on it’s termination more fast and impressively, Team Management refers to various activity which bind a team together by bringing the team member closer to achieve the set of targets.

Make your workflow smoother by managing it visually

  • In this dynamic environment, running and managing a business is not easy. There are various things to do, such as making important financially-savvy decisions, allocating resources and budget, and managing projects. At this place, companies require much-needed assistance in business software solutions like Hoicko.
  • Hoicko, a no-code platform, will ultimately make your life easier. It is an easy-to-use system designed as per one’s imagination and ideas for businesses.
  • It will help you break down projects to their core, improve your team’s efficiency, and tell you what’s being completed, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. Ultimately giving decision-makers at a business the data needed to make valuable decisions.
  • Teamwork and transparency are essential to project success. Project dynamics are hindered when either is absent, and success stays imaginary. Hoicko has everything you need to manage your team and projects.

Features of Hoicko

Team Management Manage and coordinate with the team to achieve desired goals and accomplish projects on time. You can also set up in and out status record system for employees with their picture to have insights into what they are doing.

Cloud storage   Storing data on the internet through a cloud computing model. For a better understanding, you can read our cloud computing model(link).

Workflow Automation – It will automate your manual workflow management as every piece of information will be available on a single platform and also provide with real-time notification.

File backups It will help you recover data that you lose due to any mishappening.

Multiple View Data You can see your data in multiple way such as Table, Form, Kanban, and Calendar

Remote Support – You will get technical support for troubleshooting your issues through the internet.

Calendar features Calendar will help you sort out all your needs, from scheduling a meeting to set your reminders.

Excel Import You can import your file from a different program into the one you’re using.

What can you do with Hoicko?

  • You can schedule your meetings.
  • Send and Receive Mails with Gmail, Office365, Zimbra
  • Chats @ item, board level, and separate chat dashboard
  • Assign comments & tasks directly from Docs.
  • Choose from various custom templates.
You will get solutions for –
  • CRM – customer relationship management
  • DMS – Document management system
  • HCM – Human capital management
  • Compliance Management
  • Service desk
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • EHS – Environment Health & Safety
  • Training, Exams
The Benefits of Hoicko?
  • Facilitate a better source of communication with your team, clients, stakeholders, and managers.

    • Will keep all documents and relevant notes aligned in one place.
    • One can also customize it as per their workflow and get a high-level overview of your organization with customizable dashboards.
    • You will get visual categorization with icons and stars to organize tasks.
    • Easy to keep track of Real-time progress on the project and maintain consistency.