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The textile industry, which was originally considered a handcraft, has evolved into an engineering activity that designs and develops textiles using a variety of technologies and fibers. The biggest pain points in this industry are dye stock management, workforce management, equipment maintenance, and so on. SAP Business One is a solution created primarily for the textile and apparel sectors. It offers an integrated application as a solution that addresses all of the industry’s primary difficulties, resulting in smoother and more effective business processes.

Following business functions of Novel are covered in SAP Business One Solution:

Batch Management and Batch Costing

Production and MRP Forecasting

Sub-Contracting/Job Work

WIP Tracking / Inventory/Material Consumption Warehouse and Bin Location Management

Multi-currency and Multiple Units of Measurement

Budgeting and Product Costing Yield and Scrap costing

Supplier/Vendor/Sub-Contractor Payments and Debit Notes

Order based WIP Tracking

Subcontract QC Rejection/Acceptance Reporting

Barcode Scanning and Label Printing


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SAP for Textile and Garments simplifies the planning system. From test age, settling examples and planning are held under a solitary design.


Material Management turns simple through SAP. Instant access to the warehouse keeps item details up to date saving time on the stock monitoring.


Staggered booking handled through a digitalization bundle empowers WIP following on clumps and its cost is arranged in view of limit.


SAP allows you to track the status of your orders. The consumption of raw materials in relation to the specified production is tracked, allowing for easy completion time estimation.


An order-based budget built using a highly scalable solution calculates the cost of production for each batch, ensuring that the manufacturing process runs smoothly.


At the point when start to finish highlights are joined, programmed reports are produced that might be gotten by intrigued specialists without mistakes or information overt repetitiveness.