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Export Import Simplified​

  • The Import & export industry has evolved tremendously over the past few years. It is also the backbone of every developed and underdeveloped country. To meet the operational needs many wholesalers and distributors of this industry, consider using one or a handful of essential importing software solutions.
  • Export-Import management software is an export-import software that helps companies plan their export and import strategies. It provides a fully-integrated solution to cost-effectively handle both export and import through automation.

What are the features of this software?

  • In-depth analysis of potential foreign markets and company situation.
  • Landed cost tracking – It helps you track all associated costs involved in shipping the imported goods to your final destination.
  • Multi-currency functionality – It will allow two or more currencies to input and will become easy to calculate conversion rate.
  • Automated customs processing –

What data can you store in Novel's Export-Import Software?

1) General information such as Date Order Accepted Document No., IEC Code No., Buyer’s Order No., Buyer’s Order Date, etc.

2) Exporter Data, Buyers Data, Consignee Data, and Notify Party data such as name, address, house, location, etc.

3) Bill of lading such as Bill of Lading No, Shipping Bill No & Dt Container & Packages, etc.

4) It will also facilitate you to store other data such as shipment data, etc.

What are the benefits of EXIM SAP Solutions?

  • It facilitates users to analyze and plan future inventory.
  • Easy to manage all transactions of goods and eliminate errors.
  • Simplified inventory logistics from cost tracking to warehouse management.
  • It will help fill gaps you experience in process documentation, financial transactions, and further critical operations related to foreign trade.
  • It offers better visibility into Export-Import operations by capturing available data from SAP.