As associations all over the planet are going through a time of computerized change, carry crisp reasoning to laid out industry issues. Challenge long settled cost places. Track down better approaches to streamline business processes or give get through answers for your customers or accomplices.

The Novel’s Approach

The Novel Veritas is a demonstrated system to speed up Digital Transformation with business esteem development.
Our interaction cuts across conventional hierarchical and geological limits to make a world class group to fuel innovativeness.
This hand-picked group will work with clients to tackle explicit difficulties with problematic advancement on a sped up timescale.

Business Value Driven Digital Transformation

We focus digital transformation on areas that have significant business value informed by key industry challenges that directly influence how organizations make and lose money. We tackle longstanding and established problems to turn them into truly transformational solutions which in turn shift the share price. We could help deliver solutions such as:

Water leakage detection

Detect leads with 85% accuracy 21 days early

Pipeline inspection

Identify defects with 100% accuracy and 50% reduction in cycle time

Utility energy​ optimization

30% energy cost reduction in water pumping

Bad debt prediction and recovery

80% accuracy in invoice late payment forecasting

Call centre compliance

Increased call sampling coverage and up to 90% staffing reduction

Customer needs

Increased capacity to satisfy consumer needs

Fast-tracked Innovation

With Innovation at the core of how we work at Novel Veritas, our groups don’t simply produce reports that individuals can’t answer, we convey brilliant examination that are significant and groundbreaking.