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AI Bot: Let Power of AI Handle Things for You

As we are living in a digital age, chatbots are becoming one of the best ways to simplify the interaction between humans and computers, resulting in improvising customer experience with the respective organization. AI-based chatbots are among the top solutions for enhancing customer and employee experience in conversational AI. There is no doubt that the digitization of businesses has had a dramatic and undeniable impact due to this technology.

Robotic Process Automation is an emerging technology that uses software to replicate the ordinary or repetitious tasks a person would perform on a PC. Chatbots are automated conversational robots designed to answer users’ questions instantly using AI. For instance, the robot that instantly pops up at the bottom-right corner of your screen and to whom you ask your queries about a product while doing online shopping is a chatbot. 

What are the features of AI Bot?

  • Customised customer interactions – Bots can ensure a touch of personalization by engaging customers with one-on-one conversations, maintaining a natural-sounding tone, and being good at interactive communication.
  • Chatbots with emotional intelligence – Understands the emotion of customers from conversation and replies accordingly.
  • Provide Faster Solutions – There is one-on-one communication between Bot and Customer, and it provides users with a quicker solution.
  • Simple & Easy User-Interface – End users can easily understand things displayed such as layout etc.
  • Multilingual conversations – The bot offers conversation in multiple languages to provide a user-friendly experience as there are multiple languages.
  • Easy human-takeover for live support – When situations are complex human intervention is required to answer queries as it becomes difficult for the chatbot to handle the customercustomer.
  • Multichannel – AI-powered bots come with multichannel messaging support features which help customers communicate with businesses through various channels such as websites, Facebook, etc.