Improved insights for
quicker, wiser, and
more reliable

Thrive in an unsettled market with data-driven decisions based on real-time insights

The power of managed data, supercharged by AI allows us to create value quickly by unlocking actionable insights to drive business value. Discover new revenue driven processes, early red-flag signalling, process optimization, new customer segmentation discovery, and much more.

Our customized approach to unique challenges

Every company comes with unique success criteria. Our consultants’ industry knowledge enables them to adapt our

reusable assets and standard solutions to ensure we bring value to every organization. Some of our capabilities include


TRM & Debt Analytics

Transforming the way tax authorities operate.

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Fast-track collaborative innovation.

Media Analytics

Unlocking exceptional experiences with analytics.

Local Councils

Use powerful insights to transform how citizens interact with local services, in the way that they want.

Digital Manufacturing

Predictive analytics, making it easier to improve operational effectiveness, faster time-to market; and new product development

Risk & Fraud Analytics, powered by MLOps

Detect anomalies, prevent fraud, make smarter decisions, and enhance business performance.

Best services
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How do you enhance the student experience with digital transformation?

Delivery Services. AI Service Center Services. Co-innovate.

SAP Analytics

Embedded Analytics

Cloud Data Engineering

Azure | AWS | GCP
Data Lake
Data Pipelines

AI & Analytics

Data Science/ML
Predictive Models

Data & BI

Data Mart

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A unique approach to deliver for AI and ML Ops:

No two projects are the same but here is the Novel Veritas delivery approach to help identify hidden potential. Here we ask how can we identify cashflow issues early in the process?