When small to medium-sized mining enterprises expand, their existing IT systems and mining software typically become obsolete, generating issues instead of innovation. Mining companies must not only reengineer business processes to implement digital transformation, but they must also assess whether they have the necessary technology to achieve their goals. This necessitates an IT architecture that provides both stability and long-term dependability, as well as growth and changing adaptability. Every company wants to get the most out of their cloud investment, and SAP S/4HANA makes it possible.

Find Mining Programming Customized To Your Need

Adopt Big Data, mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, and analytics technology to create a vision for a new type of data-driven business.


Enhance and develop your mining business in this organized world with SAP S/4HANA, our cutting edge business suite. Embrace worldwide industry best practices, while accomplishing functional greatness across money, deals, and the production network, with a customized client experience.

SAP Road Map for Mining

Investigate our mining guide to find out about current industry arrangements, arranged developments, and future heading.

Current release highlights
  • 1. Cloud-based intelligent asset management solutions from SAP
  • 2. Data capture and up-to-date dashboard for key performance indicators for incidents
  • 3. Integrated HR and business partner information
Upcoming innovations
  • 1. Integrated business planning for maintenance, repair, and operations
  • 2. Early collaboration with suppliers to better understand delivery times
  • 3. Machine learning capabilities to forecast emissions more accurately
Future plans
  • 1. Enable multi-enterprise and united sales and operations planning
  • 2. Foster demand-side collaboration across the business
  • 3. Provide asset management solutions that balance operating and capital expenditures

SAP Supply Chain Integrated Business Planning

With real-time supply chain planning skills, you can respond to changing market expectations and profitably satisfy future demand. Powerful supply chain analytics, what-if simulations, alarms, and more are all available in the cloud.